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Friday, May 10, 2013

Enable Fast Startup in Windows 8

Enable Fast Startup in Windows 8

Fast Startup is a Windows 8 feature that allows you to boot your PC / Laptop much faster than was available in Windows 7. This is accomplished by utilizing the hibernation file as a boot source,instead of the system needing to initialize and load drivers, services etc which take considerable more time. The below graphic illustrates this:

Enable Fast Startup in Windows 8

As with any new feature in operating system, some  people are reporting that there is some system instability associated with this feature such as hung start ups and BSOD. This is especially true in dual boot set ups. If this is your case then i would recommend that you disable this feature and see if this settles down the behavior. If the problem goes away, then its also possible to re enable in the future and see if the problem re emerges.

Enabling Fast Startup using Microsoft Windows System Settings

  1. Log into Windows using an Administrator Account
  2. Open The Control Panel and choose Power Options
  3. On the left hand side menu is a link labeled Choose what the power buttons do. Choose this link.
  4. towards the top of the screen, select/click change settings that are currently unavailable. You may receive a UAC prompt here, if so choose "Yes"
  5. Towards the bottom of the page is a heading called Shutdown settings. under this is the option Turn on for fast startup. Select (tick) this check box to enable Fast Startup on the machine. 
  6. Choose Save Changes to finalize these Settings.
NOTE: the Fast Startup settings may not appear of hibernate has been disabled. Enabling Hibernate will make the Fast Startup option 

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