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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extending a Share Quota in server 2008

In server 2008, you use the Share and Storage Management tool to provision shares and storage. In this tool you can create a quota for a share. this is a good idea to stop data sprawl which can occur, especially on shared drives. But what if you want to manage, extend or decrease this quota?
for some reason in their infinite wisdom, Microsoft doesn’t allow you to do so from the Share and Storage Management Tools Window. To increase the quota size:
  1. open File Server Resource Manger
  2. expand Quota Management and choose Quotas
  3. This will present all the available Quotas (known as Source Templates) that you have configured.
  4. Find the source template you want to extend, right click and choose edit quota properties
  5. From here you are shown the Quota template from which your folder pulls its settings, the specific space limitations of this share and any warnings that you have configured for out of space notifications
  6. As you an see above, I have set the Quota to be 350GB in this instance (from a 100GB template) and configured email and event log notifications (note that for email notifications to work you will need to configure SMTP in IIS)
  7. click ok and your quota has been set!
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